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February 24, 2022

Tree of Emotions

"The Tree of Emotions" is a participatory mural project created by Makusi that aims to serve as a connection point to see each other more collectively, in the midst of the social distancing established by the pandemic. The mural asks people living in different cities around the world the question "How do you really feel?", collecting the answers in the form of a colorful tree. What you can see in this presentation is the first installation that we did in Bilbao, inside the Espacio 600 cultural center. Through the participation of each individual, little by little, the mural showed us the answers to the question posed, finally obtaining a piece of visual art that was being exhibited at the same time that it was being created collaboratively by the citizens of Bilbao. Once the mural has been executed in different cities around the world, we will carry out a joint exhibition of the complete set of artworks, which will allow the public to make a comparison of the emotional state of different cities.


To know how we really feel.

  • Role

    Artist, Designer, Project manager

  • Tools

    Illustrator, Acrylic paints, Marker, Foamboard

  • Tags

    Mural, Data visualization

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