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December 18, 2021


Design of the visual identity and user interface of Autochecking, an application to automate and digitize the registration process for vehicle parking areas.


To create the visual identity of Autochecking.

  • Role

    Visual Designer, UI Designer

  • Tools

    Figma, Illustrator

  • Tags

    UI design, Visual design

After having defined our mission as a project and having studied the visual identity of the competition, I began to make design decisions regarding the logo, the color palette and the construction and use of the overall visual language of the app.

Considering that most of the apps similar to Autochecking use a campervan in their logo, I wanted to explore the idea of ​​designing something that didn't have a vehicle as the main image. At the same time, thinking about the value that we wanted to offer with Autochecking, the following slogan began to haunt my head: "enjoy the trip, we'll take care of the rest". Those were the two factors that led me to design the logo the way that I did: representing the journey through the road to be traveled, instead of the vehicle that does the travel.

To define the color palette I thought of the end user of the application: the "nomads", the people who like to travel, explore new corners, be in contact with nature on a daily basis.... if I translated the life-style of these people to a specific aesthetic, what would it be? When I asked myself this question what came to mind were earth colors and landscape illustrations.

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