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February 18, 2022

The honey of equality

With the aim of turning Lan Eskola's good practices in gender equality into a product that other organizations can use to design and deliver training on gender equality, we have designed and produced "The Honey of Equality. A toolkit to educate in gender equality and pollinate feminism". Through a joint work process with the project coordinator of Lan Eskola, I have managed to capture and structure all the knowledge of the team of educators into a series of products that include, on the one hand, an illustrated guidebook, which explains the methodology to follow in order to create an specialized training in gender equality and on the other hand, the games and tools that we present in the dossier and invite the reader to use, such as the "Conceptual Map" and the "Cloth Board".


Lan Eskola is a training project inside Lantegi Batuak, one of the main foundations in Spain that works toward the equal access to employment for people with disabilities. That is why all the games and tools that we've created are designed in an accessible way so that they can also be used by people with functional diversity or intellectual disabilities.


Convert Lan Eskola's good practices in gender equality into an educational product that other organizations can use to design trainings in gender equality.

  • Client

    Lantegi Batuak

  • Role

    Project manager, illustrator, editorial designer

  • Tools

    Procreate, InDesgin, Illustrator

  • Tags


These are the cards that we designed to work on the term "androcentrism", which is one of the concepts that constitutes the "Conceptual Map" game. In them we present 8 historical figures who, because of being women were relegated to the background in history.

This is the cover design for the dossier.

And one of its double pages.

This is the definition inside the "Conceptual Map" that introduces the term "androcentrism" to the students, with the easy-read version on the left and the complex definition on the right.

To build the visual identity of the project we put together three main elements:

  • The content of the toolkit: referring in all the products to the metaphor of the bees that we use in the dossier to narrate the process that Lan Eskola followed when designing its actions on gender equality.
  • The colors and fonts of Lantegi Batuak.
  • Handcrafted aesthetic and materials.

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